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How to Disable Comments on WordPress

It’s being said that comments useful to enhance a blog quality in many ways, converting monologues into a discussion they help to build community. Even, they can also give a significant boost to SEO because the search engines index the comments as well. By this way, it seems all good here! So, why and when would someone […]

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How to Compress and Optimize Image on WordPress

Probably, you know that image compression and optimization is a key factor in keeping your site speed fast. If your Website pages are filled with large images they will take a really long time to load, and nobody likes a slow website. However, there are other optimizations you can do to improve the loading speed of your […]

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How to Limit WordPress Login Attempts

If you have a WordPress Website up running, then perhaps you know about the risk being hacked of your site. Because hackers may try to break into your WordPress site by guessing your admin password, which is also known as brute force attack. However, by default, WordPress allows users to try different passwords as many […]

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How to Secure Your WordPress Website

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the market today that’s evident in the fact that over 25% of all websites on the entire World Wide Web are powered by its software. So, there are most chances to get attacked than other less popular Content Management Systems. However, WordPress built-in security is pretty good but as like any other […]

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How to Create Sitemaps for WordPress Website

If you have a blog or website built on WordPress that you’ve launched recently and publishing content frequently. Then, it’s time to let Search Engines know about your content, though Search Engines will automatically crawl your site content. But, submitting Sitemaps to Search Engines is the best way to get indexed your website pages fast […]

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