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​WealthyLevelUP is a beautifully designed and minimal looking website running by Mary Ann McKinnon from Canada. She blogs on financial advising. The blog running on WordPress and using Genesis Child ​theme. Great to see this is built on WordPress too!


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  • ​Reviewed by: ​Dec 16, 201​8 by ​​​Mary Ann McKinnon

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​Template: Genesis



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Mary Ann McKinnon

​Mary Ann McKinnon

​I loved working with RainaStudio. RainaStudio was able to quickly mock up a site design for me based off of some verbal ideas I had. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted but they did. Once I got the mockup I knew that was EXACTLY what I was looking for. The work that was done was fast, professional and thorough. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get a solid online presence up and running.

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I like to quote code snippet, fix things like error 503 service unavailable. Cycling, traveling and plantation are my hobbies.