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About RainaStudio

RainaStudio was founded in 2017 on Saturday, July 8. The purpose was to showcase web development projects and case studies. But after a while, we wanted to share all our experiences, experiments and expertise in online business, WordPress and Genesis Framework. Since then we regularly publish related resources on our blog. Our latest blog series is: RainaStudio Map 101This is the blueprint of website design and development for RainaStudio.

Origin or Mode of Formation


a peaceful and quiet place where a group of creative minds works beyond the edge of Web Science.

There are many ways to write the word “rainastudio”, “Rainastudio”, “rainaStudio”, “RAINASTUDIO” but as a name, only “RainaStudio” is right.

By browsing this website you agree with the terms of “RainaStudio”’s definition.

The Story of RainaStudio to RainaStudio LLC Company Registration

Back in 2014, I(Anwer Ashif) had a profile on Fiverr freelance marketplace where I provided freelance web development service. In 2017, I got my account blocked for payment gateway issue. I could not able to withdraw my revenue with the existing payment method.

On Jun 5, 2017, I created a new profile on that marketplace with verified information. And on the next month, I registered the domain and created rainastudio.com, purpose is to promote services and reach a wide range of audience online.

Since then working hard with the market standards, I have been providing premium service for web design & development with best coding practice. Within a year my revenue rises on high ever than before and previous profile.

My friend Jaber(backend developer lead) have been giving me a hand to handle complex projects and reducing the pressure of multiple projects. Now the felling, truly together we are a full circle and best collaboration partner.

We are on registration process. Mean while you can say hi us on Twitter or if you have any question you can ask. Don't worry it's free!

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