Privacy Policy

Your privacy is critically important to us and we take it very seriously. Here at, we do not collect your personal information unless you chose to provide that information to us. When you decide to provide us with your personal information, you are giving, us, your permission to use that information for the stated purpose listed in this privacy policy.

If you choose not to provide us with that information, it might limit the features and services that you can use on this website. There are several ways we,, collect your privacy information.

  • Cookies: the main purpose of using cookie is to identify you and possibly prepare personalized web pages to serve or to save login information for you. At the first phase our cookie does store information about your browser. And if you login to our website it stores your login information. If you do not let another party to access to your browser cookie folder, then the information will stay secured.
  • Blog comment submission: often user comment on blog posts for queries and feedback. However through the comment form submission you submit name, email address and IP address information. This information used to identify comment author. We might use this information for newsletter if you giving permission by selecting checkbox underneath the comment form.
  • Web forms: there are embedded forms on our website to download free themes and plugins, these forms sometime require name, email address and sometime email address only, these information used to send the file directly to submitted email address and later to use newsletter, offers, and promotion.
  • Newsletter sign up forms: user want to receive our fresh content directly to his/her inbox. So, there are embedded forms for newsletter sign up which may require name and email address.
  • Ad and tracking scripts: our website has Google adsense and Google analytics scripts which track your browsing performance and others. These information only used and authorized by Google.
  • To place an order: we require your billing address and credit card information to process the action of an order. And our payment processor, 2Checkout, access your billing address to make the transactions and the order successful.

Opting-Out Choice at Privacy

Very easily you can opt-out of the your personal information being collected and used. If you are a newsletter subscriber of, you receive newsletter email, right. At the footer of the mail you see Unsubscribe link which is the option to opt-out from newsletter.

If you do have an account on, our website, login to your account and you will find deactivate button, by click on this option you will opt-out of your personal information being used for the account.

By deleting your browser cookies you can also remove the temporary data we stored in your browser.

Updating personal information

Only two type of users can access to and update their collected personal information. If you who have an account on our website, can access information by logging into account and update information by selecting edit or so.

If you are a subscriber, you can update your name only by submitting newsletter form again using the existing email address. For further help about updating your information, contact us here.

Personal data protection

At, we take the security of your personal information very seriously. We take many precaution steps to ensure that the information we collect is secure and inaccessible by anyone outside of our organization.

These precaution include advanced data access controls to limit access to that information to only internal personnel who require access to that information. We also use numerous security technologies to protect all data stored on our website server and related systems.

We regularly upgrade and test our security measures to ensure they are effective and our user data is safe. We take the following steps to protect your information:

  1. Use internal advanced data access controls so only limited personnel have access to specific level of information.
  2. Anyone with access to user information is trained on all relevant security and compliance policies.
  3. Our website server that store your information are regularly backed up to protect against loss.
  4. All of your information is secured through modern security technologies like SSL(Secure Socket Layer), data encryption, firewalls and hashed passwords.

All described safeguards above are in place to protect your information and to prevent unauthorized access by outsiders to information stored on or transmitted by our systems.

Query on privacy

You can do the following at any time by contacting us via the email address or contact form here on our website:

  1. Ask for your personal information we have about you, if any.
  2. Request a modification of your personal information.
  3. Request that we avoid collecting anything in future for opt-out.

Whenever we collect any sensitive information (such as social security numbers, Paypal email or credit card information), the information is encrypted and securely transmitted. You are able to confirm this by looking for the LOCK icon in the browser address bar with our URL, and also confirm that the URL link starts with https.

If you believe at any point that we are not following this privacy policy as stated, please contact us immediately via email at admin[at], or via our contact us page.

Any changes to our privacy policy will be informed you via email or will see the update version here on this page with modification date.