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Editorial Staff is an in-house team of native WordPress developer and industry columnists.

10 Best WordPress Slider Plugins With Demo 2018

Whether you love or not, WordPress slider plugins are an excellent option for creating elegant and professional slideshows. To display different types of contents in your WordPress website, including images, posts, categories, videos, and much more, we use slider. If you take a look at today’s’ modern websites, you can see how beautiful and professional […]

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10 Best WordPress Event Calendar Plugins

An event calendar plugin can become the most necessary tool when it comes to showcasing and managing your live events. And this kind of extension also helpful for scheduling webinars, seminars, bookings, meetings, and a lot more through your WordPress website. An event calendar is a tool for making things easier for you. You can easily update and […]

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How to Get Clients from Linkedin for Freelance Projects

In a nonstop hustle event organized by a freelancer group, we have talked about finding clients outside of freelance marketplaces. I have real-world experience in getting clients for freelance projects on Linkedin. And I shared how to get clients for freelance projects in Linkedin on that event. In this post, we are going to show […]

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How to Protect eCommerce Business from Fraud to Reduce Chargeback

Implementing preventive measures to protect eCommerce business from chargeback and other fraudulent transactions is a vital determinant of the survival of the company. The ultimate result of fraud in any online business is a massive blow due to financial losses as well as losing sales revenue. A chargeback comes along with costs such as chargeback […]

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