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How to Remove Default Page Title for A Specific Page While Using Genesis Framework


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How to Add Pinterest Button to Genesis Framework

Today, I am going to show you how easily you can add Pinterest pin-it button on your website. If you are use Genesis Framework, this tutorial for you. Upload these files to your child theme’s js folder. 1st File: pinme.js 2nd File: studio.js Then open your child theme’s functions.php file. And this two […]

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Bootstrap Breadcrumbs to WordPress

Bootstrap Breadcrumbs HTML WordPress Breadcrumbs with Bootstrap Class Add this code to functions.php Breadcrumb in Single.php Add this code to single.php

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jQuery Modal Image

Download the jQuery Modal Image plugin from GitHub repository and unzip the folder. You get there in the folder two files, one modal.js, and another is style.css file. Open the file with your favorite code editor and change the class with your image class name. For mine, the image class name is .img-frm img. Copy this CSS code and […]

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