WPRI – WordPress Reading Indicator


A very lightweight WordPress plugin lets you enable reading indicator on your blog website.


Do you want to add a beautiful feature to your WordPress blog? Do you want to encourage visitor to read an article fully? The answer is obvious and it is YES! WPRI brings the solution for you.

WPRI stands for WordPress reading indicator. It’s a nice tool to enable reading indicator progress bar on a WordPress blog. We hope you have noticed some popular websites show a reading progress bar indicator when scroll on their website. This little bar lets a user know how much more is left of the page and encourage visitor to read the rest.

The plugin adds an option page under Settings menu in WordPress dashboard. On the setting page of WPRI has 3 options to manipulate color, position and individual group to show the indicator.

Why Use WPRI — WordPress Reading Indicator?

  • Encourage visitor to continue reading
  • Show Users how much more of the page is left
  • Add a little UI(user-interface) enhancement that encourages users to scroll down
  • Improve visitor engagement
  • Reduce bouncing rates

WPRI Options & Features

  1. Color: Pick color for the reading indicator
  2. Position: Set the position of the indicator bar
  3. Individual Group: Select the option for reading indicator for individual group


How to Get Started

  1. Login to your account in RainaStudio 🙂
  2. Download the plugin file
  3. Install and active in your WordPress website
  4. Checkout the detailed documentation for setting up
  5. Sit back and enjoy the journey


Anwer Ashif

Anwer Ashif

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