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How to Add Pinterest Button to Genesis Framework
Today, I am going to show you how easily you can add Pinterest pin-it button on your website. If you[...]
Bootstrap Breadcrumbs to WordPress
Bootstrap Breadcrumbs HTML WordPress Breadcrumbs with Bootstrap Class Add this code to functions.php Breadcrumb in Single.php Add this[...]
jQuery Modal Image
Download the jQuery Modal Image plugin from GitHub repository and unzip the folder. You get there in the folder two files, one[...]
WordPress Speed Optimization via .htaccess
Here is some snippets to help the website to load faster. All these snippets is used for Speed Optimization via[...]
Remove Query Strings WordPress
Add this snippet to functions.php
Enabling Browser Caching via .htaccess
Add these rules to .htaccess for setting Expires and Cache-control headers:
Enabling Gzip Compression Via .htaccess
The easiest way to access .htacces is via FTP but you can also use cPanel or any other admin interface.[...]
Add .php Extension to WordPress Page Permalinks
Here is the code snippets add it to your theme's functions.php.
Customize the Genesis Content Limit Read More Text
Modify Genesis Next & Previous Page Link Text
Remove Post Info From Blog Posts Page
Remove Post Meta From Blog Posts Page
Remove title/logo Metabox from Genesis Theme Options Page
Remove title/logo Metabox from Genesis Customizer
Unregister Default Layouts Except sidebar-content and full-width in Genesis
Here is the code snippet to unregister default layouts except sidebar-content and full-width in Genesis. Add the code snippet[...]
Add Featured Image to Single Post and Page in Genesis
Place this piece of code in your theme's functions.php to see the action. After implementation of this code snippet[...]
Remove Empty Lines and Spaces in Notepad++