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How to Add Pinterest Button to Genesis Framework
Today, I am going to show you how easily you can add Pinterest pin-it button on your website. If you[...]
Bootstrap Breadcrumbs to WordPress
Bootstrap Breadcrumbs HTML WordPress Breadcrumbs with Bootstrap Class Add this code to functions.php Breadcrumb in Single.php Add this[...]
jQuery Modal Image
Download the jQuery Modal Image plugin from GitHub repository and unzip the folder. You get there in the folder two files, one[...]
WordPress Speed Optimization via .htaccess
Here is the .htaccess module
Remove Query Strings WordPress
Add this snippet to functions.php
Enabling Browser Caching via .htaccess
Add these rules to .htaccess for setting Expires and Cache-control headers:
Enabling Gzip Compression Via .htaccess
The easiest way to access .htacces is via FTP but you can also use cPanel or any other admin interface.[...]
Add .php Extension to WordPress Page Permalinks
Here is the code snippets add it to your theme's functions.php.
Customize the Genesis Content Limit Read More Text
Modify Genesis Next & Previous Page Link Text
Remove Post Info From Blog Posts Page
Remove Post Meta From Blog Posts Page
Remove title/logo Metabox from Genesis Theme Options Page
Remove title/logo Metabox from Genesis Customizer
Unregister Default Layouts Except sidebar-content and full-width in Genesis
Here is the code snippet to unregister default layouts except sidebar-content and full-width in Genesis. Add the code snippet[...]
Add Featured Image to Single Post and Page in Genesis
Place this piece of code in your theme's functions.php to see the action. After implementation of this code snippet[...]
Remove Empty Lines and Spaces in Notepad++
Register Custom Featured Image Size for Page in Genesis