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WordPress Speed Optimization via .htaccess

Here is some snippets to help the website to load faster. All these snippets is used for Speed Optimization via .htaccess. Code is explained below.


  • Disable Etags:

Etag is the mechanism by which a browser check a newer version of resousces from the server. So when we disable it via htaccess file. The browser then force to use the cache file.

  • Allow CDN resources

If we are using CDN for optimization the site performance, we may see warning “Cross-Origin Resources Found”. Because when CDN works on a site many resouces is served from the CDN instead of the actual server. We can add this below code to allow cross-origin access.

  • Redirect http to https via .htaccess

The below is redirecting http request to secured protocol https. To get this working you must need to install a SSl certificate to the website.

  • Security from uploading dangerous file types

We can further to improve security by denying all the dangerous file uploads by this.

  • Allow to read robot.txt from everywhere from anything for SEO

  • Gzip Compression and caching Expiration

These are the code by which we can do website speed optimization via .htacess. If you know something new please share with the comments.

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