How to Modify NextPrevious Page Link Text on Genesis Theme

How to Modify Next/Previous Page Link Text on Genesis Theme


I have been using Genesis framework for my website and I am facing an issue where the Next & Previous Page links are not working properly.

In order to fix this problem, I have tried modifying the code but it did not work. So, I decided to share my findings here so that others can also solve their problems easily.

I hope this article helps you to resolve your issues related to next/previous page links on Genesis Framework.

// Modify Genesis Next & Previous Page Link Text
add_filter( 'genesis_prev_link_text', 'modify_previous_link_text' );
function modify_previous_link_text($text) {
        $text = '« Newer Entries';
        return $text;
 * @author    Brad Dalton
 * @example
 * @copyright 2014 WP Sites
add_filter( 'genesis_next_link_text', 'modify_next_link_text' );
function modify_next_link_text($text) {
        $text = 'Older Entries »';
        return $text;



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