How to Enable HTTP Strict Transport Security

How to Enable HTTP Strict Transport Security in WordPress


Do you want to enable HTTP Strict Transport Security in your WordPress website?

Well you are in right place to find solution. In this post we are going to show you how you can solve this problem yourself.

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Enable HSTS(HTTP Strict Transport Security) for WordPress Website

By default some website has enabled it by their hosting provider. If your case is like ours then login to your web hosting and open the file manager to access all files.

Go to public_html directory and look for the .htaccess file.

Find htaccess file

Find htaccess file

Right click on it and select Edit to open it in editor. Paste the following at the first line in the file.

Header always unset Strict-Transport-SecurityAdd it in the first line


Add it in the first line

Hit the Save Changes button to modify the file. We are done. Share the article with your friends and family. Comment below if you find any difficulty.


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