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Sticky Genesis Topbar: Countdown Timer [WordPress Plugin]

Sticky Genesis Topbar: Countdown Timer


​This extension is for Sticky Genesis Topbar WordPress plugin. Sticky Genesis Topbar WordPress plugin works well with Genesis Theme Framework and its child theme.

​Countdown timer solution 100% effective for promotion and topbar message.

Sticky Genesis Topbar: Countdown Timer is not just another WordPress plugin, but it is an extension of Sticky Genesis Topbar plugin. The plugin itself allows you to add a CTA(call-to-action) message before Genesis ​header with social media URLs and countdown timer(new).

​Lightweight and does what it says it will do. I’m using it mostly for announcing business closings due to weather, though, so I wish it had a dismiss button option.


​WordPress User

Recent Updates

  • ​We have added a dismiss button to close the bar.
  • ​​A cookie script attached which works with DISMISS button. If any user closes the topbar, it will stay closed for 1 day.
  • Separately HIDE buttons added for the countdown timer and social media URLs.
  • It's now super responsive!
  • Countdown Times feature.
  • Backend UX updated.

​Backend Screenshots

General Settings

General Settings

You see, we added a new block for General Settings. On this settings block, there are ​six options to manipulate, which are Topbar background color, button background color, button text color, font size, topbar height, and topbar enabling option.

CTA[call-to-action] Text & Button

CTA​(call-to-action​) Text & Button

On the CTA(call-to-action) Text & Button block user has options to write call-to-action, button URL, and text.

Social Media URLs

Social Media URLs

Here on the Social Media URLs block user has options to add URLs of ​​10 different social media profiles. As well the user can add cell number, and more two options to hide.

Countdown Settings

Countdown Settings

​Sticky CTA with Countdown block power  a user ​to display and set countdown timer for topbar message.

How to Get Started

​Ready to add topbar for your websites? You can get going with these steps:

  • Download & ​​install Sticky Genesis Topbar.
  • Buy the Countdown Timer extension!

You are all set! Create your topbar and let us know your feelings!

​User Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars

​Price options

​A ​price entitles you to a lifetime of updates and 1-year support from the date of purchase.




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