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Constant Living

​Constant Living​Constant Living is a website run by podcaster Dawrance Constant. The website built with a minimal design template. Requirement​s ​were podcasting management, auto social-media sharing integration, and mobile first design.​CategoriesCase StudyPortfolio​Podcaster​Personal ​Launch Website ​Need Hosting? I’d highly recommend Bluehost ​Broken link? Please Email or Tweet ​us ​Reviewed by: ​Mar 1​2, 201​8 by ​​Dawrance Constant […]

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Ahrefs vs SEMRush vs Long Tail Pro: Best Keyword Research Tool in 2018

Are you looking forward to an outstanding online presence come the year 2018? Today, if you are a blogger or freelancer, you can unleash your SEO prowess for a content-rich website using the best keyword research tool. The keyword you choose can make or break your career. Unfortunately, many people are still struggling in vain […]

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How to Disable Comments on WordPress

It’s being said that comments useful to enhance a blog quality in many ways, converting monologues into a discussion they help to build community. Even, they can also give a significant boost to SEO because the search engines index the comments as well. By this way, it seems all good here! So, why and when would someone […]

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How to Compress and Optimize Image on WordPress

Probably, you know that image compression and optimization is a key factor in keeping your site speed fast. If your Website pages are filled with large images they will take a really long time to load, and nobody likes a slow website. However, there are other optimizations you can do to improve the loading speed of your […]

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Restaurant Markus

​Restaurant Markus​Restaurant Markus is a restaurant located in Croatia. This website was design using an existing template. The most advance part of th​e website was developed are custom booking system, custom post type and mobile fast design.​CategoriesCase Study​R​estaurant​Business​Croatia ​Launch Website ​Need Hosting? I’d highly recommend Bluehost ​Broken link? Please Email or Tweet ​us ​Reviewed by: […]

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