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How to Install WordPress Plugin


Installing a WordPress plugin is a straightforward kind of job. It’s like installing an app on your smartphone. Two methods can be used to install a WordPress plugin from the admin panel.

We can define the first method as Automatic, and the second one is as Manual.

Installing a WordPress Plugin

Suppose, we need to install the Yoast SEO plugin for our WordPress blog. So what we will do to install this plugin. We will follow the first method of Automatic. Both ways require us to log in to the website’s WordPress admin panel.

M1 – Automatic

After login into the admin panel we will navigate through Plugins > Add New. A new page will be open as the following screenshot.

Type a plugin name on the search box and hit enter. Within moments a new page will appear with Yoast SEO and other related plugins. Click on the Install Now button.

It will start downloading the plugin file, unpackaging the package, and installing the plugin.

Click on the button Active Plugin. Boom! Plugin installing done.

M2 – Manual

We are now going to install another plugin called Switch CTA Box. To do that, we need to download the plugin file from the plugin page on site.

Click on the Download button to download the plugin. Again, you will need to navigate the add-new-plugin option. On that page, you’ll find a button called Upload Plugin. You can upload the downloaded plugin ZIP file selecting choose file option.


After selecting the file, click on the Install Now button, and the rest of the things will happen the same as method one if everything works correctly.


We hope you get now how to install a WordPress plugin. There are pretty different ways to upload a plugin file to a website directory. When the file successfully uploaded, that means plugin installation done.

And the last thing is active the plugin while it will be needed to use.

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