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8 Bloggers Making Crazy Money From Writing About What They Know

Just like with any business, creating a blog that makes money isn’t something that happens overnight.Whatever your niche, there are ways to start gradually building an income by writing about what you know, whether that’s through ecommerce, affiliate marketing, sponsored articles, or display advertising.In this article, I’ve identified eight bloggers writing about travel, lifestyle, tech, […]

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How to Get Clients from Linkedin for Freelance Projects

In a nonstop hustle event organized by a freelancer group, we have talked about finding clients outside of freelance marketplaces. I have real-world experience in getting clients for freelance projects on Linkedin. And I shared how to get clients for freelance projects in Linkedin on that event. In this post, we are going to show […]

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How to Protect eCommerce Business from Fraud to Reduce Chargeback

Implementing preventive measures to protect eCommerce business from chargeback and other fraudulent transactions is a vital determinant of the survival of the company. The ultimate result of fraud in any online business is a massive blow due to financial losses as well as losing sales revenue. A chargeback comes along with costs such as chargeback […]

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Best Grammar Checker Tools for Freelancer- Whitesmoke vs. Grammarly

Communication is key’ is a common phrase. Precisely how do you properly communicate? What better way to avoid embarrassing mistakes than using the best grammar checker tools? Any or most grammar checkers can detect any spelling, syntax and grammar errors.  Writing is essential especially for a freelancer who has to submit error free work; this […]

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