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How to Get Clients from Linkedin for Freelance Projects

In a nonstop hustle event organized by a freelancer group, we have talked about finding clients outside of freelance marketplaces. I have real-world experience about getting clients for freelance projects in Linkedin. And I shared how to get clients for freelance projects in Linkedin on that event.

In this post, we are going to show you step by step of finding clients from Linkedin. It’s kinda introducing yourself to prospects. What we are waiting for let’s start!

How to Get Clients for Freelance Projects

In order to find clients on Linkedin, we will be needed to use an email marketing automation tool like MailChimp. In other words, we can say this is a post of step by step process of email outreaching.

Export Your Linkedin Connection Data

In above we have told about finding clients from Linkedin. And now in this step, we will export Linkedin connection data. To do that, login into your Linkedin account. Go to My Network >> See All >> Manage synced and imported contacts >> Export contacts. See the following gallery slider for reference.

As sooner as the CSV connection file got ready, you’ll get an option to download it. In that file, you’ll see 6 columns of FRIST & LAST NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, COMPANY, POSITION and CONNECTED ON.

It was my EID day when I saw the information first time. Linkedin says, “You’re the BOSS of your account” and they really mean it. You get the MILLION dollar information, right. Let’s use it to get high paying clients.

Create MailChimp Account and Setup Campaign

Get started with a FREE account on MailChimp. If you have an account already, sign in to that. Go to List from main navigation area and create a list.

Fill out all the information and hit Save button for next step. In the next step, you’ll see the window like the following screenshot. Click on Add contacts and select Import contacts.

How to Get Clients - MailChimp Setup

On the next window select CSV or tab-delimited text file and click on Next. Browse and upload the file which one you exported from Linkedin.

Select columns you want to keep and drop the others. Hit Next button and within moments all information will be added to your list.

On this next step, we are going to create a campaign for this list. Go to Campaigns from main navigation area and click on Create Campaign. A popup window will come up where you’ll be needed to select Create an email and on next window type your campaign name and hit Begin button. Check the following screenshots for reference.

On the next window, you’ll get a form where we need to add recipients, from, subject and content. On Add Recipients section select the list you created, check Personalize the “To” field and select *|FNAME|* from Merge tag and Save.

On the From section, type your name and email address where you want to receive replies from recipients.

In the Subject section, type a catchy subject and preview text. The subject should be catchy and short, for an example, “Good Day! Get your website done under 300$“. It’s more specific and short.

Now the time to write email pitch. In the Content section, hit Design Email. You’ll be redirected to a content builder page from where select Simple Text and edit OR write your email content. Here is an example.

When you have done writing email pitch, hit Save & Close button.  Next, you can schedule the campaign OR click on the Send button, within moments Mailchimp will send your mail to all of the recipents.

Wrap Up

We have reached at the end of this post. Using this method you can enlarge network and introduce yourself more casually. If you need any help or have question, reply using the form below.

Rock on! Keep pushing yourself forward to win more. Have a great day! 🙂

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