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Our Management Team

Anwer Ashif

​Ashif is the founder ​of RainaStudio. ​He personally oversees Web application projects and is passionate about ​developing ​RainaStudio's business around technical ability and building long term client relationships.

​He ​previously worked with renowned digital marketing agencies and has completed 300+ web development projects successfully. ​Ashif believes in continuous professional development and ​everyone at RainaStudios completes ​regular training programs. ​Ashif insists on best practice ​in technical service and in communication skill.

Ashif has a great eye for detail​ and specialises in user experience design. ​Ashif enjoys the adventure of travel and bicycling in his spare time. Please email [email protected] or use the following networks to reach him.

Jaber Molla

​Jaber is ​also a founding member at RainaStudio and our lead developer. ​His childhood ​passion for tech helped him to build his wide-ranging experience in back-end web programming. ​He insists on best practice and clean code to avoid vulnerability and other critical problems that arises from poor design of coding.

​Prior to joining RainaStudio, Jaber established a successful freelance consultancy practice. ​Working for clients worldwide for 4 years he concentrated on solving complex coding problems. Despite ​​working full time serving those clients he even ​manages to be an author of CodeCanyon ​too!

Jaber is ​highly skilled and experienced but is also practical and solution oriented. ​He enjoys ​riding his sports motorbike in and around his home town of Jashore in Bangladesh and is a keen cricketer. Please email [email protected] or use the following networks to reach him.

Nipu Bdit

​Nipu is the third founder at RainaStudio and heads up our ​digital ​marketing services. His role is to help customers analyse and then optimize online performance.

​He was previously a trainer at ICT, Bangladesh where he taught students how to operate in digital marketplaces. Nipu has great communication skills and is brilliant at explaining and steering clients through the complexities ​of the many digital marketing channels - from social media to SEO.

​He is involved in social activism in his home city of ​​Jashore and is enjoying life as a newly wed man. He hopes, however, to continue to find time for ​adventurous ​exploration of the fascinating culture and history of Bangladesh. Please email [email protected] or use the following networks to reach him.