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How to Choose Best Managed WordPress Hosting


Picking the most favorable managed WordPress hosting site has always been a daunting task especially for those who are clueless about where to start.

It is good to have insight on what to consider when choosing an appropriate website that will best befit your budget and traffic volume.

Basically, there exist three types of server hosting sites: shared host, virtual private server, and dedicated server. Below is an in-depth analysis of what to consider when choosing a word press hosting site.

Choose the Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Hosting is always overlooked by beginner website owners. Often, people opt for cheaper websites that underperform and fail to yield desired results. Check out factors to consider while choosing managed WordPress hosting.

Fast Page Speed

In the plight of building any website, page speed stands to be at the core of its success. The page speed is directly proportional to visitor satisfaction and their engagement rate.

These two factors directly affect conversion on your website. You always want to make sure that visitors get good speeds while going through your page.

When the page takes longer to load, visitors easily get displeased and lose interest. This affects your conversion, you lose the traffic you worked so hard to get to your site and even lose search rankings.

When looking for your hosting site, you have to make sure they offer good speeds.

Your Budget

Different hosting sites offer different packages. This is essential and thus should be put into consideration. You want to make sure your choice fits your budget, a certain hosting might fit our needs but when it doesn’t fit your budget it doesn’t matter.


If you can’t manage to pay for it, you won’t be able to maintain it. It is thus good to benchmark and shop around in a bid to make a sound decision that gives you as many features as you want and at the price, you’re willing and able to suffice.

Technical Support

This is one of the most important factors. When choosing a hosting company, you want to make sure they have a good support system. The most favorable hosting site should have the customer support system.

The whole idea is, are you able to call and get help when there’s a problem? More importantly is that they decipher the problem and fix it. You should always have a channel where you can get help in cases of problem.

 User-friendly Hosting

The control panel should always be user-friendly in a bid to maximize conversions.  Without an effective control panel, you will always be left at the mercy of the customer support system even when the issues you’re trying to solve are basic server changes.

Generally, most of the reliable websites always have demos to familiarize you with their control panels. This always helps you to understand what you are about to deal with.

Thus it is always advisable to do split tests on different web hosting sites and choose what bests suit your website needs.

Your Bandwidth Needs

This relies on a number of factors that directly affect your website.

Normally, the activities that you intend to do in your site form a very important factor: the number of people who visit your channel, the media you intend to upload, or if you offer downloadable materials in your website.

The more the content on your site the more interactive it will be. The more traffic you plan to update, the more bandwidth you are going to need. It is great to scout and know a well-managed hosting site that is going to fit your future and current needs.

Back-up Service

You always want to choose a company that offers a good back up service. Systems are prone to crushing or attack by a virus that makes you vulnerable to data loss. You could always delete something accidentally and want to retrieve it.

Thus when choosing a host site, you should look for one that: offer full backups consequently and that the site back up can be easily done from your control panel. You should also be easily accessible to your backed up data without many tussles.

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Area of Hosting Focus

When choosing a hosting site you will also want to consider a niche specific site that suits your web needs.

There are hosting services that exclusively offer managed WordPress hosting and maximize this specific niche. This doesn’t insinuate that the other hosting sites are bad.

A host might be very suitable for business needs and lacking at customer satisfaction depending on the niche the host decide to optimize on.

Thus when choosing, it is always advisable to go for hosting companies that best optimize the niche you want to venture in. This will optimize the services your web offers.

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Customer Reviews Reputation

It is always wise to browse the internet and find reviews and customer testimonials of the chosen managed WordPress hosting site that you have chosen.

This gives you an oversight of what you are about to get into. This gives you an insight into the hosting site’s ethics and performance and how they treat their customers.

Online research will always be helpful in getting to learn about the hosting company reputation. It is always good to be cautious with the reviews since paid reviews have become rampant nowadays.


It is always challenging to choose an appropriate WordPress hosting site. There is a variety of hosting sites that offer varied services in the market.

This makes it very daunting for most of the beginners to know what to choose. Most often people opt for the cheapest hosting sites that always don’t meet their content needs thus underperforming.

The factors listed above are essential when choosing your first managed website hosting site.

These factors are crucial especially when you want to have good engagement rates and conversions. When put into consideration, you are definitely bound to find an appropriate site that best befits your needs.

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