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15 Reasons You Should Consider Managed WordPress Hosting


Do you really need managed WordPress hosting?

Of course, you do! Having a successful online business is quite fulfilling today. It means you have a lot of things running smoothly for you.

For example, your web hosting is doing great, you create excellent content, your advertisements are on point, your social media platforms are super-active and your marketing mechanism is environment too.

For you to be on a point like this, it means you didn’t get it on a silver platter; rather, it was a really stressful journey to have the online equation balanced properly.

Therefore, if you are seeking to have a reliable hosting, today, I am going to take you through why you should invest in managed WordPress hosting.

First of all, what does managed WordPress hosting mean?

Managed WordPress hosting means having a website hosting that can take care of all your needs. It manages everything for a domain owner, from saving them time, manpower and offering them better performance.

If it’s a small starting business, managing a website could be easy. But once your online traffic grows bigger and more crowded, you will need a managed domain hosting for a lot of reasons which we will talk about later in detail.

I’m quite sure you are just wondering how someone’s website suddenly receives high traffic. Just like a person grows from being a baby to a child to a teen and finally to an adult, a website also emanates the same steps.

It grows from small traffic to medium and finally to high traffic.

Let me explain this further by introducing you to other types of WordPress hosting that reflect the development of a website from baby steps to a point of accomplishment.


  1. Shared WordPress hosting– Includes a group of website owners who are just starting off. They just need a cheaper and manageable hosting.Also, those who have just migrated from and have a low budget enjoy using such a plan which is quite a good platform for growth.
  2. The ‘Do It Yourself’ WordPress hosting– Includes a group of website owners who have a little experience in hosting a website. They are trying to reach out to a new audience but still want to save up some money.So they do everything on their own. From creating content, managing online conversations and updating their sites. All this at a very minimal price.

Sometimes, it is not necessary for you to go through all these steps when you can be different. When you have done your research well and your budget is favorable, you could start off as a DIY hosting or as a managed WordPress hosting.

It all depends on your own efforts of growing your business and how much time you want to take.

Technically, there is no wrong or right way through it. If you have gone through the above two steps, its time you invest in a managed WordPress hosting. Here are the reasons why;

1. Maintenance

Managed WordPress hosting offers unbeatable support. This means you will only be allowed to deal with your platform. For example, if you use other platforms like Drupal, Cpanel, Magento etc.

The support system will not interfere with that. Their work will be to focus on their own areas of expertise.

Managed WordPress Hosting Maintenance

A good example is managing chats. Managed WordPress hosting has a reliable team that is knowledgeable.

When clients ask questions about your services and products or how you run your business, the support system has Intel and will take care of that in a matter of seconds.

You will also get to enjoy finest uptime monitoring of clients with the help of custom New Relic. This ensures that your website does not run the risk of going down.

2. Extraordinary Performance

Managed WordPress hosting offers a modern set-up of website architecture that can be able to work smoothly.

WordPress Hosting PerformanceLet’s compare the shared host, the DIY and managed, you will find that, the first two depend on plugins and separate sets of software that will ensure you obtain high speeds on your information highways.

With managed WordPress hosting, you will have a great server level caching services handled. This simply means you won’t have to run around trying to figure out which plugin will be suitable for you.

Therefore, you will enjoy a much faster way of sharing your information online. You will also get to save time and delight in your business.

3. Global Reach

Managed WordPress hosting gives you the opportunity to reach your customers easily. Since they have well managed and set-up technologies that work with local server providers, people searching for your website will experience faster and easier accessibility.

One thing that has made global reach successful for managed WordPress hosting, is the Google cloud platform.

This platform allowed managed WordPress to place strategic locations across all global regions that are able to bring your website closer to viewers in different places.

You can literally host your website anywhere in the world. In one way or another, placing your website closer to the visitors ensures faster page loads, quick and secure transmission of data over a specific network.

4. Automatic Backup

Managed WordPress hosting provides free automatic backups. Since there are consistent developments and upgrades of networks taking place, you could lose your website information in a split of seconds.

What would you do in such a situation if you were not prepared? That is why you need to think of the worst things that could happen and try to manage that as early as possible.

How to Create an Automatic WordPress Backup for Free

Managed WordPress hosting has more than ten backups that you can actually access on your own. It provides an easy restore mechanism in-case you delete something by mistake.

Also, manual backups are available and are just one click away. So, when you try to install something new on your site, do it without any worries because managed WordPress hosting will ensure you don’t tamper with anything at all.

5. One-click Staging Environment

The world is apparently dynamic and the internet is developing at a lightning speed too. There come times when you may need to upgrade, change or install new plugins on your site.

It could be difficult to try it out because that means you will be launching it when it’s not ready.

For that reason, you need a site that can provide you with an alternative platform where you can test-run your new developments without interfering with present ones.

This will not only provide you time to eliminate any complications that may surface in the new drives but also allow you to migrate your changes bit by bit to the present or public platform.

Managed WordPress hosting does this for you by giving you a one-click staging environment for easy testing of new changes.

6. Developer-Friendly

Having access to developer-friendly features is another reason you really need to choose managed WordPress hosting. Developer friendly is a feature that you will hardly find in shared hosting.

DIY you could create one for yourself. Such features include the following;

Developer Friendly Managed WordPress Hosting

SSH access– the secure shell is a command interface protocol for allowing access to a remote computer in a safe manner. It involves the use of digital certificates and encrypted passwords.

Composer– it is a tool that allows a website owner to find, install and upgrade library packages that allow you to finish your online projects.

HeidiSQL- is a free and open-source administration tool on a website that communicates with a server and manages activities on the website. Such as creating accounts, logging in, adding and editing information, also executing commands.

Sequel Pro– is easy to use and fast computer database application that works with a compatible platform to manage the database on a website.

Git– is a trend control feature that helps track changes in webpage files that are accessible to many viewers.

With the help of your platform, you can access such features and enjoy other auxiliary advantages.

7. Security Matter

Managed WordPress hosting gives you ample security systems to protect your website from hackers and malware. With the present crowded internet users, not all of them have good intentions for everyone.

Some may decide to harm your business through your website.

Security is one main reason why you need a managed WordPress hosting for you to spend less and not worry about invaders.

For example, if you have a DIY hosting, in case someone hacks your site, you will be responsible for fixing it and am sure getting your site back on track after a hacking situation is not very pretty.

Also, let’s sample a shared hosting where hacking risks are quite high. I mean anytime someone could just install a virus on your site and it could break down forcing you to start a new one.

Reconstructing the old one would be expensive and time-consuming.

8. Scalability

Scalability is the ability to expand once you reach your limits. Managed WordPress hosting will notify you to upgrade when you go beyond your initially pre-defined limits.

By this I mean, when your website is growing fast, you will need to expand it and the same rate so that you can accommodate all the new ventures put into it.

All this will be done for you when you choose managed WordPress hosting. If your hosting uses google engines, such issues are handled automatically. Once your site is expanded the database is stored in a unique and safe location that is not shared at all.

9. Premium DNS

Latest managed WordPress hosting will also give you the opportunity to employ a premium DNS provider. This one feature that you may miss if you choose shared hosting or DIY hosting.

What do you think DNS means? DNS is simply a phonebook but for a website. It is actually a server that helps you trace addresses for other websites. This Server could be slow or fast depending on its provider.

Another advantage of having a DNS is to be safe from DDoS attacks. A DDoS attack is whereby your website redirects address to errors rather than giving you the information of the actual page you are looking for.

10. High Inside Traffic

It will enable your site to pop up to the first ten searchers a browser seeks when a person is trying to find services offered on a website like yours.

This is because WordPress works together with Google engines by isolating keywords typed in by a user and giving them faster results.

That way, your website will be at the point of attracting more viewers than having a shared or DIY hosting whereby a viewer needs a specific address.

11. Automatic Updates

Ensures your site is handled by professionals whose job is to make sure that it is running at top efficacy. That is why your site needs to be updated automatically whenever anything new comes up. The updates also need to be secure and safe.

12. Flexible Infrastructure

Managed WordPress hosting ensures you experience the best productivity of your business by allowing you to time after time be able to take care of your customers’ needs efficiently and effortlessly. That is why managed WordPress allows you to choose from a variety of hosts. You can also migrate from one host to another without encountering any complicated difficulties.

13. Better Set-ups

Provide easy user experience by allowing your website to adjust to any device settings the user is trying to view it from. For example, there are cookies settings for a phone, tablet, laptop and big screen devices like TV screens.

14. Basic and Custom Made Pages

Managed WordPress hosting has very lucrative custom made page templates whereby if you need to rebrand your site you can just do it by a click of a button without wasting time on trying to design and code a new website.

15. Easy Language Translation

It allows you to write your content in one common language, let’s say English and you are done. For viewers in regions that English is not the first language will be able to translate your content into a more friendly language through the help of their local servers.

Final Thought

Managed WordPress hosting more like an arsenal of your online business. Whatever your business size if you want to scale it, you’ll need to get a managed WordPress hosting. We like WPEngine and would like to recommend it to powerful digital entrepreneur.

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