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Best Youtube Keyword Tool- Generate Content Ideas and Search Terms


The key to a successful YouTube video is getting as many views and possibly as many likes as possible.  A good YouTube video can go a long way in achieving the objectives you had for creating the video.

The best YouTube keyword tool should be able give you keywords that will direct as much traffic as possible to your video.

You may be wondering what a keyword tool is. This is a tool that helps you find three or four letter phrases that specifically identify your product directly from YouTube.

These words, usually referred to as long tail keywords are the ones customers are most likely to use when they are searching for specific items.

So which is the best YouTube keyword tool?

Though there is no specific keyword tool for YouTube we have compiled a list of the best keyword tools you can use for YouTube.


Yes.  The YouTube its self. It is a very versatile search tool that has the ability to generate auto- complete options.

This means that as soon as you start typing, YouTube is able to generate a list of suggestions of the most popular search options related to what you are searching for. Most of the tools currently gather data from the YouTube.

However, it does not allow for the data to be exported results are limited.


This is not really a search tool but rather an add-on which works great in finding keywords and optimizing your YouTube channel. It is a paid for add-on but has a free limited version for those who may want to check it out.



This is one of the best YouTube keyword tool as it allows you to do your keyword search alphabetically. It also gives you an option to filer searches specifically for your county.

You are also able to get the best keywords for your specific countries.

SeoStack Keyword Tool

This is another add-on that allows it to be installed in your browser. It has an easy to use interface. It also has modifiers that allow you to chronologically arrange the search results.

Also available, is the choice of source where you can select the search engine you prefer. It also allows for the exportation to .csv file.


This tool needs to be translated firs before you can use it. This is because its default language is German.

For its keyword research the tool has four options these are normal, both and reverse suggest plus the W-questions. Normal suggest will include a word after your query e.g.

If you type dance it will suggest ”dance moves”, “dance classes” , “dance academy”. Reverse suggest will generate “Zumba dance”, “Latino dance”.

Both suggest combines the normal and reverse. W suggest provides questions such as “who loves Latino dance”. This tool however does not have any PPC or search volume provided.

Keyword Keg

This tool provides a wide variety of functionalities with a huge amount of data from various data sources. It offers 11 unique sources to get keyword data. It also has an option for filtering your search to your specific country and language.

The advantage of using this tool is that it gives you data on the trends and search volumes and is exact. Reviewers have termed it as a tool that gives high opportunity topics instantly.

However it is limiting in the fact that it takes time to generate query results. It also displays only 5 results in the free mode.


This tool offers a great deal in terms of data and information. It gives in-depth data, traffic data and search engine reports. It can be used for long and short keyword research. You can easily get data on any site as long as you type in the URL.

It can handle all queries be it general or specific including search data.  It allows for generation of specific results for at least 131 countries making your research more efficient. Unfortunately, it is a bit complicated to use as its user face is not user friendly.

If you have a small business,if you want to increase your business.At first you should invest for your business.


This is a cool keyword tool that allows you to take a peek at what keywords others are using.  It gives thorough data on their keywords, their ranking and traffic. It also identifies the paid for keywords and their ranking.

By knowing the popular keywords and their rankings you will be able to get a list of the best keywords for yourself.   By better understanding the competition you position yourself to be ahead.

A long-tail keyword is a long, specific search query, typically made up of two to five words.


It is a free service by Google which has features that can help you narrow your search options by different ways. This tool allows you to query and get results specifically for YouTube.

This tool allows you to get specific information for your location. all you need to do is search the Worldwide clicker and select your country. You can advance your search by filtering it according to location, time, category etc.

it provides up to date information with all the data options. It is user friendly and quick. Sign up is free. However the free version is limited to only specific features.

This is one recent project where there was a requirement to process the XML file and store data in PHP variable so that the data can be stored in database.


It is a great resource for keyword identification. This is because of the speed that the engine can generate data. It is also has a very interactive interface that is easy to use. For data presentation it offers both visual and numeric.

Thorough key suggestion results make it an efficient tool. Its limitation is that for the free version you are only allowed two queries daily.


A keyword tool gives you opportunity to reach out to your targeted audience and convert. Meaning it should be able to promote your services or products and generate feedback.

But to reap all these rewards, you will need the best YouTube keyword tool that will generate the most number of relevant results in relation to your products or services to allows keep you in the loop.

So, whatever tool you decide to use, ensure that it is able to give you quick simple results that will optimize traffic generation to your page for best conversions.

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