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5 Best Online Image Compressor Websites


We all know – “A picture is worth than a thousand words.” and today, you can’t imagine a Website without any images. Which means images are part and parcel of every website.

Because they are helpful to grab the attention of your online audience and describe your message clearly. Images are indeed for a website, but if you don’t be conscious of their size and quality, they can ruin your best website idea.

However, it’s not possible to create a personal portfolio site or an online store without showcasing your products’ image galleries.

If your Website pages are filled with large un-optimized images, they will take a long time to load. And, no one likes a slow website.

So, it’ll not only degrade the user experience but also will reduce conversion rates and increase bounce rates to a higher level.

Best Online Image Compressor Websites for Image Optimization

So, you need the solution to optimize and compress your images before using them. Fortunately, we have much more than problems, and online image compressor websites come first on this basis.

However, for a WordPress website, you can use a quality WordPress image optimizer plugin. But, today’s topic is about the online image compression website.

So, here, we’ve listed the five best online image compressor websites for you. So, you can easily optimize your images to the extent possible without harming their quality.

Compressor – optimize and compress JPEG photos and PNG images is the best online image compressor website according to the recent research. It is a free tool that lets you compress images with a high level of compression without losing the real quality.


This site supports two types of compression (lossy and lossless) for a total of 4 kinds of image formats – JPEG, PNG, GIF, and SVG. It can reduce image sizes by up to 90% or even more.

You can upload and compress as many images you want one by one, whereas the full ownership of your images always is yours. The photos will be stored on the website’s servers for a limited time of 6 hours, and then will be permanently deleted.

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OptimiZIlla – Online Image Сompressor

Optimizilla online image optimizer is our second pick on this list. This image compressor software uses a brilliant combination of both the most excellent optimization and lossy compression algorithms.

So, the images can be shrunk to the least possible size but keeping the required level of quality. As well as, there is also a preview option to compare the quality level of the images before and after compression.

This image optimizer supports only JPEG and PNG images, and bulk upload up to 20 images. Once, uploading and the required quality settings are complete, wait for the compression to finish. Very easy to use, suitable for even a newbie.

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CompressJPEG – Compress JPEG Images Online

JPEG Compressor is a free jpeg compressor that is more similar to the above online image compressor Optimizilla. But, the difference is that it lets you compress PDF files as extra along with JPEG and PNG images.

It also supports bulk image selection up to 20 JPEG/JPG, PNG images, PDF files to upload directly from your device. You can even drag your selected items and drop them for compression.

Once the upload is done, you need to wait for the compression to finish. Then, you can download the compressed image files either separately or get them all as grouped in a ZIP archive.

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Image Compression – Best Free Image Compression Tool

It is another free online image optimizer magic tool powered by Small SEO Tools that makes it easy to resize images online so quickly. Moreover, it’s a user-friendly, secure, simple, yet efficient image compression tool with powerful features.

It uses an ingenious combination of compression system and best optimization algorithm at the same time to resize your images without losing the exact quality.

Like CompressJPEG and OptimiZilla, it also lets you upload up to 20 JPG/JPEG or PNG image files, max 5MB each at a time.

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Reduce Images – Reduce JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG Images

Our last pick is the website that has both free and premium subscriptions. For free, you don’t need to do anything except uploading, resizing & compressing through settings, and downloading.

It supports image compression to different formats, including JPG/JPEG, PNG, and GIF or BMP. You can upload only one image at a time for free. However, with the premium subscription, it lets you upload up to 30 images, up to 25 MB at a time.

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These are the best online image compressor websites so far that we’ve found after taking a few hours of research. I hope you’ll found something helpful on this post to easily compress your images for different uses.

Whether they are for your website, email attachment, or stored on your device.

But, if you’re looking for the easiest way to compress or optimize images for your WordPress website to make the site loading faster for SEO purposes. Then you should get an image optimizer WordPress plugin for sure.

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