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How to Create a Global Internet Identity(GII) by Gravatar

GII is the acronym of Global Internet Identity. This is an user generated identity that means anyone who is looking for an identity which associated with his/her avatar can be created.

Hope you heard about Gravatar if not feel free to visit this is where we will create a global internet identity. Basically Gravatar is service for providing globally recognized avatar which will be associated with user mail.

The system was created by Tom Preston-Werner and later in 2007 the service was owned by Automattic. Since then the service has been updated in many ways and integrated with the best leading CMS, WordPress.

Create a Global Internet Identity by Gravatar

To create this we need an account on Oh! none of this need a premium sign up, it’s totally free and we will go though the following steps.

Create an account on

At first head over to and create an account using your information. In my case am going to create using my name Anwer Ashif and mail ashif @

Global Internet Identity by Gravatar

You’ll asked to confirm your mail as sooner as you submit the form for creating your account. So, they just did same for me and I am going to confirm.

After confirmation done open Gravatar and login using your login credentials.

Global Internet Identity

Upload Image to Gravatar

When you in to Gravatar you’ll see a message, “Whoops, looks like you don’t have any images yet! Add one by clicking here!.

Add or upload your image to the site. During the process you’ll asked to adjust or crop image and select GRATED rating for your uploaded image/avatar. GRATED option is recommended.

Create a Global Internet Identity by Gravatar

We are done! When the options get selected and you hit the “Set Rating” button, the image will be associated with the mail we used for sign up.

For example, see the screenshot attached following.

Global Internet Identity


And this is how your global internet identity can be created which will be associated with your email address. Wherever you put your email address your avatar photo will be came-up if there exist the system. Hope you enjoyed the post, feel free to leave your comment.

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