Research Keyword Using Long Tail Pro

How to Research Keyword Using Long Tail Pro (Step By Step Guide)


Would you love to know how to research keyword using Long Tail Pro? Then this step by step guide will help you.

Keywords are really important when it comes to marketing. They are actually the words and phrase which your customers use so to reach you from your website or blog through search engines.

For you to get traffic, you then have to ensure that you have the right keyword.

Using the keyword in your title tag will give you an advantage in search engines and your customers. People will easily click hoping to find information after noticing the word in your link.

We have different kinds of software that will enable you to find the most appropriate keyword; the highly popular one is the Long Tail Pro. On using it, you will be able to find the right keyword which will increase your ranking in search engines like Google.

Do you know how to research keyword using Long Tail Pro?

Have you ever tried it before?

If you have never tried it before or you have had difficulties before, have no worry henceforth. You have been provided with a step by step guide on;

How to Research Keyword Using Long Tail Pro as Follows

Step #1: Create a campaign

It is actually the first step you should take. Here you are allowed to select your country and your language. You may decide not to give your country but if you are interested in the local market, you will have a great chance.


You can decide to make more than one campaign according to your niche. You can have one niche site on shirts while the other niche site on trousers. Long Tail Pro will organize different search you perform.

The language and country option enable the Long Tail Pro to focus more on a given region. You can choose Spanish as your language while the US as your country.

However, such choices may hinder you in finding keywords that are high in competition worldwide.

Step #2: Enter your keyword

Thinking of your keyword will make you do some basic brainstorming. It is more convenient for you to think and come up with ideas you would not when you were given clues.

Start by thinking of general concepts and phrases related to your business. Write down whatever you may think has a connection to your business. You can decide using old search forums to get enlightened concerning people’s thoughts when searching.

After influencing your mind it is now time to use Long Tail Pro. Enter one or more seed keywords and click on generate keyword.

The tool will certainly give you a list of unique keywords in relation to the one you used. With long tail pro, you get thousands of keywords by using more than one keyword.

Also remember that the longer the keywords, the longer time the tool will take to generate is also important to let it look for a long tail keyword for you.

You will also get the following options.

  1. Google title competition – informs you of the number of other sites that have the same keyword you have picked in Google.
  2. Global search volume – it includes the global search volume instead of local searches.
  3. Bing title competition – informs you of the number of sites having the same title as you have chosen to use.
  4. Domain availability – informs you of the available extensions.

You will then know what your customers need. It is what you should deliver to them. You can specify something after knowing the best keyword. If you are dealing with vehicles, you can think of the best cars used for road trips.

You can then start building pages for your website when you have a given set of keywords. The websites can be as a result of each category of the pages.

Step #3: Enter your MOZ API Key

API key is a requirement for one to access the Long Tail Pro’s competitor analysis section. It will enable you to get the most out of Long Tail Pro.

You at first need to have a Mobcap API account where you will get your key from. If at all you don’t have the setup, you can do it at

When you first try to attempt the competitor analysis you will be asked for the key. If at all you don’t have you will then have to create a new account by signing up.

The MOZ API member id and a secret key will then be sent to your email on successful sign-up.

After getting the key you will be able to link with Long Tail Pro. You will be able to make the link by going at the bottom of the page and look for setting section.

MOZ API account is usually at the setting section where you will put your access id and secret key.

Your information will be saved automatically and you will hence login easily.

Step #4: Check score on competitor analysis

On completing entering the MOZ API key, you will be shown keyword research. The most important things to look at are the title of the page and the URL.

Your title and URL have an impact on search engines. If at all the keyword is part of them, you will likely get it as an optimization. You can then denote the ranking of other sites and yours.

Here are more of the things that you need to look for in the competitor analysis of your keyword.

  • Page authority: All websites usually begin with a Page Authority number {where the KC number starts}. Page authority usually informs you of the amount of authority commanded by a page. It is usually obtained after intense calculations.
  • Page title: The keyword being in the title of the page offers an advantage, especially in Google. Even though your page may not be very authoritative, you may outrank others when you tactfully get the keyword in your page title. It will actually raise your search engine ranking.
  • Keywords in domain: It is really hard for you to have an exact match of keywords in your domain. The use of branded names has made the match of keywords of little importance.
  • Length of domain: Long domain name will bring your score down in keyword competitiveness. It is one of the things taken into account.

The most competitive keywords are usually the most accurate ones. The ones that are not so much competitive may not actually hit the goal. You should aim for a score of less than 35 in keyword competitiveness.

Step #5: Sort them

When giving your country and language you would have aimed for maybe a particular region. The result of a region will concur in region analysis when search results are out.

It is then of great help for you to sort your keyword according to local search or global searches.

It can easily be done using Long Tail Pro. You can decide to find a keyword that has about 4000 to 16000 local searches and global searches of 8000 to 30000 searches.

You will click on the calculate button. This will let you see the amount of competition you will have to face if you are to rank the keyword. You can then think of the right competition on consideration of the result.

Step #6: Analyze your competitors

It is a way to jostle you to a high rank. Knowing about your competitors will give your ideas on how you can outwit them. You must do it very carefully.

A good one will have the keyword in the title. You will also find the keyword in the URL. The page must have a good search engine optimization.

You will find that they may have a good page authority with other impressive success characters. However, they may not have been good in one thing which may give you a notable chance in the search engines rankings.

Putting all of the above into consideration you can pick the best keyword to use. Always remember that everything carries great weight to make you successful in the website use.

Wrapping up

As said above, it is now clear that Long Tail Pro is the ultimate software that you can enjoy using for a lifetime. It provides you with a simple and very accurate keyword research.

You have also seen that Long Tail Pro provides you with a lot of information. Information like competitive analysis will actually work to see you using the right keyword. This is worth your time and effort.

Good things don’t come for free. Long Tail Pro will cost you about $25 every month. With such traffic generated to your pages, you won’t even think about the cost.

Long tail pro will enable you to get your content most desired by the audience. This will not only make you get more clicks but also increase your rank in search engines.

You will have also expanded your marketing by using Long Tail Pro. Many customers will be at your disposal. Many marketers will also have knowledge of you and maybe seek an affiliation with your success.

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