How to Popup Genesis eNews Extended Optin Form

How to Popup Genesis eNews Extended Opt-in Form

Do you want to display Genesis eNews Extended opt-in form in popup? If yes keep reading our post. This tutorial doesn’t need any coding experience. Our recent project would demand something like this. We implement the things very simple way. Finally, output the result and popup Genesis eNews Extended opt-in form.

In this way, you’ll have to install two plugins:

  1. Widget Shortcode
  2. Easy FancyBox

Widget Shortcode is a very lightweight plugin for WordPress. The plugin will generate shortcode for each active widget. So, when active the plugin we will see shortcode below the widget. See the example:Widget-Shortcode

Popup Genesis eNews Extended Optin Form

Here are the three simple steps to follow.

Step 1: Install two plugins mention above

Step 2: Copy the widget shortcode from widget area

Step 3: Copy the html from below


Replace [your  shortcode here] with your shortcode. And paste in your post, page, and widget to popup Genesis eNews Extended optin form. If you like the tutorial, subscribe to our newsletter.


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