How to Add Page Template from WordPress Plugin

How to Add Page Template from WordPress Plugin


Another wonderful day is happening! Yes, even in the COVID-19 epidemic. Okay, in today’s tutorial I am going to show you how easily we can add page template from WordPress plugin. It will just load from the plugin directory. There are ways to add templates from the plugin by slug.

But we do not want that way. We hardcode and dig a bit deeper so that it could find as the most preferable and flexible way for users. So, let’s talk! In this tutorial we are going to cover:

  1. Create A Page Template
  2. Add Function to Load the Template

Hope it is going to be a short but useful tutorial for you.

Creating a Page Template for My Account

Well, the template was created for the purpose of making a My Account page for members. In this template just added some dummy HTML. You will have to change based on your needs.


 * Template Name: Vive Membership Account Page
 * Description: Page template for Vive Membership Account Page, simple "My Account"

get_header(); ?>

<div id="primary" class="container mt-100 mb-100">
  <div id="content" role="main">

    <div class="tab">
      <button class="tablinks" onclick="openCity(event, 'London')">Account Information</button>
      <button class="tablinks" onclick="openCity(event, 'Paris')">Membership Information</button>

    <div id="London" class="tabcontent">
      <p>London is the capital city of England.</p>

    <div id="Paris" class="tabcontent">
      <p>Paris is the capital of France.</p>


<?php get_footer(); ?>

That is our PHP code for the ‘Vive Membership Account Page‘ template. It looks kind of following in the project.

Add Page Template from WordPress Plugin - Page Template for My Account
Page Template for My Account

Add Page Template from WordPress Plugin Easily

So, here if you do have functions file for your plugin then there you can add the following snippet, or in other cases, you may leave your comment if you stuck.

// load templates name in page attributes
function vive_ship_add_page_template ($templates) {
    $templates['vm-acc.php'] = 'Vive Membership Account Page';
    return $templates;
add_filter ('theme_page_templates', 'vive_ship_add_page_template');

// load page templates
function vive_ship_load_plugin_template( $template ) {

    if(  get_page_template_slug() === 'vm-acc.php' ) {

        if ( $theme_file = locate_template( array( 'vm-acc.php' ) ) ) {
            $template = $theme_file;
        } else {
            $template = plugin_dir_path( __DIR__ ) . 'templates/vm-acc.php';

    if($template == '') {
        throw new \Exception('No template found');

    return $template;

Well, when we add the first block it will load the assigned template in Page Attributes area or dropdown.

And the second piece of code block will call the actual template file from the plugin directory.

There is always more to get things done so you may also like the tutorial add page templates to WordPress with a plugin by WPExplorer.


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  1. You need to add a filter to redirect wordpress to the template you made :
    add_filter (‘page_template’, ‘vive_ship_load_plugin_template’);

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