Best Genesis Child Themes for Digital Entrepreneur

7 Best Genesis Child Themes for Making an Awesome Blog Website Today


Today, digital entrepreneurs are more than ever pressed to cut the edge when it comes to staying on top of new innovations.

The online space never ceases to amaze with websites that are not only perfect but also presentable, responsive, and flexible to future changes.

All a digital entrepreneur is left with is stepping up to the opportunities. At the same time, one needs to embrace the creativity and dynamism that comes along.

A fraction of procrastination is room to being outwitted by a competitor or missing out on a chance. Remarkably as a digital entrepreneur there is no cause to worry. Thankfully, there is an array of modern tools and services that can help you stay afloat.

You can plan your online business strategy while saving time to strike two birds with one stone.

Who is a Digital Entrepreneur and what do they do

A digital entrepreneur is a business person who deals solely with diverse products and tools on the digital commerce platform to pursue modern online enterprising opportunities and nexus.

They require new technologies and a variety of digital skills. This enables them to utilize the social media platform, cloud solutions, online analytics to improve their business models.

In addition, they are able to invent brands and upgrade their business intelligence. As a result, they are able to connect to a variety of stakeholders in the online space.

Digital entrepreneurs could be start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses, which purely carry out activities like marketing, delivery of services and goods online.

Why Digital Entrepreneurs need a website

Without a website, the digital entrepreneur is cut off. Therefore, a website is that chance to avail information to the Internet-based client regardless of their location globally as they tab on prospects.


Through a website, a digital entrepreneur can:

  • Sell or buy e-books
  • Mobilize site membership
  • Execute online educative programs
  • Download any business related materials
  • Host web content
  • Run online software among so many other activities

Besides, one is able to effectively wield control and authority on what kind of information to churn out. It is the golden chance to earn trust one’s own way while adapting efficiently to the changing times.

Best Genesis Child Themes for Digital Entrepreneur

As a digital entrepreneur, which are the best Genesis child themes that you can use? Think of that dazzling website you have ever visited?

One that is eye-catching with impressive colors and functionality. All that is behind the fun on the website is the right theme.

Using the best Genesis child themes provides you with easy scrolling through the pages. This will leave you site visitors not only fascinated but also attract more.

These Child themes are popular among many large business enterprises and successful entrepreneurs for a reason. The following are the best Genesis child themes for the digital entrepreneur.

#1: Academy Pro Theme

Academy Pro Theme Review

Touted as the most versatile theme in the online space, this is the ideal theme for;

  • Educational Content Marketers
  • Course Creators
  • Membership Site Owners

Academy Pro Theme comes with an array of benefits including creative options that enable quick functionality. You can customize your site at the click of the button, thanks to its advanced plugins. You can tweak theme;

  • Settings,
  • Content,

Colors and even preview any of your changes before saving your final site look.

Academy Pro Theme: Logo Customization

Furthermore, you have the capability to upload your logo at the click of the button supported by text-based logos.

Besides, you can enjoy this commerce theme to woo more clients to your site content because it is not only attractive but also exciting to use.

Academy Pro Theme: Widgets

On top of all this, you have up to 6 widget areas that are customizable to fit into your online business brand.

The Academy Pro Theme is very responsive enabling your website to be perfectly optimized for any kind of browser you intend to use, device or screen size.

#2: Authority Pro Theme

Authority Pro Theme Review

This is one theme that stands out when it comes to ease of use. Whether you are an ardent website developer or an experienced UI/UX designer, you will always find its place satisfying.

Authority Pro Theme: Widget Capability

The theme is designed to speed up how your site visitors access your website content. In addition, it enables you to build your site using 4 widgets perfectly suited for designing your online brand.

You have the option of purchasing Authority Pro Theme with the Genesis Framework or through a membership plan.

Authority Pro Theme: The Hero Area

By checking into WordPress official site, you get the clear functionality of the theme. From its fine look with bold and colorful headings to multiple elements, this is your popular Hero zone to bank on for all your needs.

The Hero area is your marketing and promotion opportunity because it allows you to customize your business image.

Count on the Authority Pro Settings to select the option of displaying your Hero image on your website homepage. If you like the featured images in your posts and pages, this is the theme you can’t wait to engage.

Authority Pro Theme: The Archive Page

For the unusual, this theme brings you the ability to create a description and title for all your archived pages. This implies, if anybody checks into your website, one is able to view top posts, latest posts at the top of the page quickly plus much more.

#3: Smart Passive Income Pro Theme

Smart Passive Income Pro Theme Review

As they say, it takes the three essential elements to come up with the most versatile successful online experience; strategy, content, and design. This is what the Smart Passive Income Pro Theme brings to your online space.

Smart Passive Income Pro Theme: Site Outlook

Ultimately, you have a website that is not only appealing but also memorable.

However, you will need a Genesis Framework installed before activating the Smart Passive Income Pro. Child themes are great in customizing the parent theme without getting worried about losing any content.

Smart Passive Income Pro Theme: Homepage Customization

This is why you can’t wait to use this theme. It enables you to create a beautiful homepage design using the widgets option. In addition, you have the power to change the way the homepage looks by introducing widgets in up to 6 front page areas.

Besides, you can adjust the background imagery of the homepage using settings on the appearance tab.

If you want site visitors to directly land on your homepage, there are call-to-action button functions that have been added to handle all this for you.

Smart Passive Income Pro Theme: The 3 Templates

This theme also comes with 3 templates; the archive, blog, and landing. For instance, using the landing page template, you have the ability to create a new unique page.

Besides, it hides the navigation options to allow visitors be solely directed to the call-to-action void of distractions. This is your theme for that passive money making website.

#4: Market Pro Theme

Market Pro Theme Review

Bosting as a Third Party Theme developed and supported by Restored 316 Designs, the Market Pro Theme is as flexible as modern online needs.

You can choose from pre-made templates how you want the site developed using diverse options like;

  • The Blog
  • Default
  • Category index
  • Archives and much more.

Market Pro Theme: Theme Customizer

Additionally, the theme customizer enables you to adjust settings when it comes to background needs, colors and content. You also have the ability to preview what changes you are about to effect.

Market Pro Theme: Widget Areas

With the Market Pro Theme, you can rely on up to 9 widgets areas to set up your website as you craft your online business brand.

Furthermore, you have a customizable header that enables you to upload your specific logo. In addition, there is full support for text-based logos for beginners.

If you are going to create an eCommerce website that wants a responsive theme, the Market Pro Theme is all you need. It perfectly suits any kind of browser, gadget or screen size.

#5: Studio Pro Theme

Studio Pro Theme Review

It has never been a better time for any WordPress user in need of high-quality themes, thanks to the Studio Pro Theme innovation.

Studio Pro Theme: Versatility

StudioPress – the creator of the Genesis Framework – provides virtually unlimited capabilities for web design and appearance. You can upgrade the framework using the theme, thanks to its wide range of styles and codebase.

After installing the Genesis Framework, you can opt for this theme for smooth functionality. Studio Pro theme is famous for many benefits.

Expect to experience quick website loading capability as you maneuver through the tabs and options. Furthermore, the site comes with zero-bloat, thanks to its extra built-in features. This is necessary for smooth operation.

Studio Pro Theme: Online Security

You can never go wrong with Studio Pro Theme since it is one of the most secure for website accessibility. You can confidently depend on it to safeguard your content regardless of your website size.

Additionally, this theme commands real-time responsive HTML5 design, ideal for mobile users. Access to the mobile devices is as quick as through a PC.

Apart from that, the theme comes with fewer customization options for smooth streaming of your videos. You have a clean code, which is an excellent choice for website security development.

Lastly, this is the right theme that embraces smart access to the search engine optimization using the popular Genesis Framework codebase.

#6: Refined Pro Theme

Refined Pro Theme Review

Could you be an entrepreneur set to build a timeless top-class online brand? Then Refined Pro is what you exactly need.

Refined Pro Theme: Design

The theme is the engine behind a beautifully designed photography on your website. If you are that entrepreneur ready to take off with a business idea, Refined Pro Theme is your perfect partner.

Besides, it comes with 5-fully customizable front page widget areas, including;

Furthermore, Refined Pro Theme is very responsive, courtesy of its custom Pinterest graphic designs. This makes it easy for you to add your own images, color, and other content.

Refined Pro Theme: Customization and Security

If you want to enjoy an ample navigation, all you need to do is create a menu system able to fit into your layout perfectly. Online security is today the primary focus for any website builder.

This is why this theme comes with airtight security coupled with dependable search engine optimization capability.

#7: Atmosphere Pro Theme

Atmosphere Pro Theme Review

Your business requires a website that unleashes unlimited ambiance for incredible views. This is why you need the Atmosphere Pro Theme for a quick business launch. It is not only flexible but pre-styled for Woo Commerce.

With its theme customizer, you are sure to tailor theme settings, content, and color to whatever your business is all about.

Depend on its widget areas for a 4 homepage widget adjustability that perfectly matches your online brand. In addition, it provides you with the freedom to upload a specific logo, which you can access at the click-of-the-button.

Moreover, Atmosphere Pro Theme is very responsive, able to fit into your kind of browser and device whatever the screen size.

#8: Hello! Pro Theme

Hello! Pro Theme Review

Never has website development taken seriously like the Hello! Pro Theme does, thanks to its variety of color pallets and textures. You are able to design site outlook to suit your personal or business brand.

Hello Pro Theme: Homepage Customization

You can’t have enough of the homepage with this theme since it comes with easy to explore menus. Besides, you are able to rotate the content area, portfolio area, and the most visible opt-in form.

Thankfully, you can customize widget spaces and the added CSS3 animations for that elegant design.

Hello Pro Theme: Accessibility

Expect to enjoy every bit of what this theme comes with from StudioPress. If you are accessing your site from a mobile device, it is not only responsive but also looks incredible.

Your site is poised for impressive web rankings since it comes with a clean code. This makes the theme function smoothly with less of the slowdowns. This is your super-fast page load theme of the year.

You can never have enough of this user-friendly theme, courtesy of the innovative features that it brings to your professional life.

Moreover, you can bank on this automated updates from Genesis Framework that is secure for your online content.

If you ever want a personal connection to the audience that lasts, then you have all the right reasons to be the trend-setter. You can command authority through your website as you unleash your digital creativity.

How to build website using WordPress & best Genesis child themes

Now that you need a website as a digital entrepreneur, what does it take to come up with one? How long does it take to do all the details? Do you need to be a tech wizard or designer? Which is the best Genesis child themes do you need?

The fact is that you don’t need to struggle with all the sophisticated information about servers, coding, HTML, CSS, PHP, including web hosting to set up a website.

Inevitably, some will opt to rely on web designers to do all the work for them but designing a website today is easy, thanks to the modern user-friendly tools.

As you choose your host and themes to include on your website, having a domain name becomes a necessity. A domain is a business name.

If you want to run the business professionally, it is imperative to choose a domain name that is official-like. The one that perfectly portrays what your business is all about.

It should be secure, unique, and easy to remember while capturing the required attention. The domain name usually has endings like .org, .net, .com among many others.

In most cases, your domain name could be in the form ( It is through your domain that the world can get access to the site to learn all about your business.

Web hosting is a significant step to creating an informational hub to store your business data for real-time access by any visitor.

Whichever is your web host or internet service provider, they have a task of ensuring your website is running with no slowdowns. We have reviewed the best WordPress hosting provider.

This is why it is imperative to clarify the kind of speed access offered by the web host before settling on your preference. The speed is the primary factor for that one-click access that the modern visitor requires.

Furthermore, this helps in planning for financial costs involved in the long run. Ultimately, ensure you go for a web host that is dynamic and able to maximize the gains on the ever-evolving modern digital space.

WordPress CMS (Content Management System)

If you decide to create your own website, this will not only be cheaper but also enable you to tailor the website to changing times quickly.

Therefore, you will need website development know-how. Thanks to modern design options, choosing a content management system isn’t rocket science anymore.

A content management system (CMS) is software that helps you create, organize, edit and publish your content. Additionally, you can add content, imagery, audios, videos plus much more to your website.

Most of the CMS are offered free and are easy to understand. This makes web design an effortless task that saves your precious time.

WordPress is one popular content management systems on the market today used for designing and displaying your content. Statistics show it is widely responsible for about 29% of all the websites online.

You will find it widely used by reputable learning institutions, blogs, popular websites, and web directories. In addition, many other organizations like NASA, CNN, and eBay run on WordPress.

It is usually suitable for availing users with many pages to choose from when it comes to diverse content design needs.

WordPress is the ultimate control over your files and documents in the online world. Remarkably, it is affordable and an open source for all, usable without any license fee.

However, you can use its plugin architecture and template to come up with plugins or themes which can be offered for a fee.

The plugins are your option for social sharing solutions while the theme will provide you that impressive look of the website.

Remember, you will need a host to help your site run effectively on the internet at a fee. The host stores your data and avails it to the online space for all to view it. There are so many hosts to bank on including the;

  • Hostgator
  • GoDaddy
  • Bluehost
  • WP Engine
  • among many others

Benefits of Using WordPress

  • It runs smoothly while providing you greater control over what you want to achieve with your website. You can code any part of the CMS, access all files and folders.
  • You can make a plugin or theme, download it for free before install it. Plugins can be turned on/off at the click of the button or redesigned to suit a website need regardless of size.
  • Easy to post commentary whether in HTML or any format. Word Press is your secure interface able to update automatically for seamless and real-time functionality.
  • It has round-the-clock customer support for any troubleshooting needs.
  • Flexible to use with the convenience of adding free plugins for site handling needs.

Your site building isn’t done yet without the appropriate and effective theme. This is why WordPress comes with a remarkable theme; the Genesis Framework.

Themes are files that function together to allow creative designing of your website and functionality. You can adopt any theme of your choice according to needs with any kind of look.

If you want Genesis Framework theme, all you need to do is log into and install your premium copy from StudioPress. Additionally, you can opt for the premium themes for purchase available online.

This theme comes with drop down navigation capability and menu settings. Thus, you are able to control what is accessible through the menu.

Final Thought

Hopefully, you now know the best Genesis child themes for a digital entrepreneur. You definitely don’t want to be left out on opportunities in the online space without any of these incredible themes. This is why the review encourages you to tab on the chances.

You get to team-up with the most respected and popular WordPress framework in the world for your online fortunes. Ensure you have a solid foundation with any of the themes that appropriately speak about your business enterprise.

Remember, you can start from scratch while enhancing your website to embrace the multi-functionality you seek. Lastly, most of these themes are easy to use, design, thanks to their remarkable loading capability and coding.

Your online career can’t be any better without these Genesis Framework partners.


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