Website Using WordPress and Genesis Framework

How to Design a Website Using WordPress and Genesis Framework


In the modern competitive world, commanding substantial internet presence is fast evolving.

The quest to independently get out your message without relying on social sites or any third party could leave you with the option of designing your customized website.

You have absolute control and authority on how you can strategize and churn out whatever information held on the website. You get a chance to earn trust your way.

Besides, having your website helps you reshape the organizational or personal brand, according to the changing times. But; you have the opportunity to expose your products and services while engaging associates.

But how do you exactly go about building your site?

Must you be a technology genius, a tech wizard, or the best website designer?

Do you need to learn all the jargon about servers, coding, site registrars, HTML, web hosting?

Well, knowing all this is a plus point. Even though we have today numerous online site designers to help, that doesn’t mean you can’t design your website.

Follow me through all these for affordable website design. By the end of this review, designing a website shouldn’t appear in rocket science anymore.


Step By Step Guide To Designing And Owning Your Website

Are you an individual or solopreneur in need of setting up a small-scale business or an online store website? You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to come up with a unique and attractive vibrant site.

You do not need website maintainers, expensive software for pages. All you need is the little knowledge about website development.

Luckily enough, nowadays there are so many design choices you can choose from the web. Walk with me through these steps.

Step 1: Identifying Your Website Platform

You don’t necessarily need to know the complex coding like the HTML, PHP, CSS, jQuery, and the rest. Before thinking of the domain name and web hosting, get to know the platform to use.

You can use the content management system(CMS) available free. CMS is an easy-to-understand website building and management platform. Here is the list of CMS on Wikipedia.

All you need to do is to copy and paste the content of your choice into the platform. You can also make adjustments to your content.

So which is the right CMS/platform to use? There are many platforms out there, but I would recommend the widely used: WordPress.


Besides, you need to know the popular theme known as the Genesis Framework. For beginners, remember, Genesis Framework is a theme you can use for WordPress and other platforms, but it is not in itself a platform.

Long story short, they are easy to understand and are free. Let’s learn first how to use WordPress before understanding the Genesis framework.

Designing a Website Using WordPress

Are you looking for a freelance WordPress developer? If yes, contact us. WordPress offers an option of creating your website or blog in a matter of minutes. A log usually shows the latest posts content on pages, which can be many.

WordPress gives you multiple pages of choices. You can add your content the way you see fit. Besides, you have the freedom and convenience of introducing pages, customizing the style for your site, changing its outlook, and a lot more.

Start by downloading the latest WordPress version. It is available for free and ready for installation, but don’t install it yet until you know your domain name, usually something like ( plus how to use it.

You will also need to know your web host for purposes of storing your website files. We will explain the hosting matter in step two.

But firstly, when using your WordPress, you will have to do the following:

  • Create a home page using the default site set up on the front page for displaying your latest updates. You have the option of opting for a static page for the general feel of the website equally.
  • Add extra pages, and you can start with two to three. For instance, you can use the first page to talk about yourself or organization, the second for location and contact details and last for either ‘products offered.’
  • Using your theme, change the order of pages expediently, tailor them to have sub-menus or category pages, and even introduce customized navigations links for your menu effortlessly.
  • If you wish, set up pages templates and parents or theme irrespective of the model in use. You also can activate or deactivate comments you may want to receive from your readers in just a second.
  • You can proceed to add widgets (content or tools to be displayed on your sidebars) from the many available sources. And even create a contact form for letting users contact you.

Your website is technically running at this point. You still have the freedom to keep upgrading it with more features and tools according to your preference.

Extra Benefits of Using WordPress

  • Very flexible to use with the convenience of adding free plugins for site handling needs.
  • Offers thousands of themes to choose.
  • As a WordPress developer, just like other developers using this platform, you don’t need to learn any code to use it. Basic knowledge of using Microsoft word is all you need.
  • You stand to enjoy the ease of creating any type of site with it, whether small or big.

Today, popular organizations like NASA, CNN, and eBay, among many others, are running on this platform.

Using Genesis Framework as your theme of choice

Whether you are a tech novice or Genesis developer, the good news is, most of the themes you are likely to come across are very easy to understand. Themes bring out that look of a real website, whichever way you want it.

Benefits of using Genesis Framework

When designing your website using WordPress, the popular Genesis Framework is your choice of theme. But you need to understand its benefits. They include;

Theme design, usage, and SEO maximization

It is smartly built with the latest coding while HTML5 and CSS3 enabled. Genesis Framework is one of the most recent commonly used codings that makes your website outlook stunning.

It is usable in all platforms with a remarkable degree of responsiveness.

Additionally, it enables your site to become well compatible with search engines like Google and the like, hence no need for concern when it comes to SEO maximization.

It has been built to smoothly and effectively arrange your posts on the site outstandingly while handling the categorization of your information impressively. You can easily access anything you want on the site.

The design of the Genesis theme also adopts microdata(meta-data) to enable your site to gain quick relevance among the available search engines.

Meta Data can gather most of the information in your site pages and sub-pages for easy online access.

It means if I google any relevant information available on your site, search engines have a higher chance of displaying to me the content on your website.

How heavy is it on your new website?

The Genesis Framework theme is so light in weight once installed on your site. It will make your site easy to access and check out any information at the click of a button.

Therefore, you must avoid flashy themes. The flashy theme might end up becoming too heavy for your site by bogging down your server, especially when experiencing massive traffic.


The Genesis Framework theme is one of the affordable choices available in the market today with a price range as low as $49 up to $65.

If you are a beginner looking at a strict budget line, consider opting for Genesis framework theme bulk buying since, in the long run, this is inexpensive.

You also stand to have a variety of options to pick from into the future.

Modernization needs and support

You want the latest and efficient for your website. Once you have designed your site using WordPress and Genesis.

One of the most impressive features of this theme you will notice that it’s codebase is always updated regularly by StudioPress.

Notably, this doesn’t mean you have to worry about your site breaking down. In case of any concerns, they have one of the most responsive support teams to see you through any troubleshooting or any other issue.

So, never have to worry about a situation your site is down as characterized by substandard conventional themes.

Speed in use

When it comes to security and speed, the Genesis Framework is one of the best. You need this when your site will handling a lot.


For site design safety and security reasons, child themes have been incorporated into this theme. Meaning, you can quickly upgrade to any of the latest updates without your site experiencing any problem.

Remember, this is the reason many use this theme to avoid the confusion and complexity of having to go to their site.

But, it is prudent once you install the Genesis theme; you after that install the child theme for that extra edge in functionality and style.

Remarkably, the child theme can be adjusted to whatever preference without again experiencing any letdown on your site.

Designing convenience

Are you a professional photographer, designer, artist, or blogger? Like I suggested if you go for the Genesis bulk package, you also stand to enjoy all the Genesis Framework child themes offered by StudioPress.

It means you have a wide variety of child themes to pick from that suit your organizational needs.

But if you can afford, there many other premium packages of new child themes offered by various developers.


If you want the best theme for your WordPress designed site, Genesis Framework is one of the widely supported on many platforms.

It has been tailored to your business or organizational needs for that web presence that is time conscious. Find it one of the most exciting to maintain, thanks to its fine craft.

I like it because the design makes it an excellent choice for your dynamic web designing taste.

Step 2: Getting To Choose the Domain Name and Host

Having had a glimpse on how you can design your website using WordPress and engaging the Genesis theme framework. Now you realize at some point; you will need a domain name and a host.


  • A Domain name is usually something like ( and a host is a service provider to help your site be put on the internet.
  • Therefore, web hosting is like renting a house for a given time of use by paying for it. Without it, nobody will know your website exists over the internet. It is everything.
  • The website host plays a crucial role in storing all your website files while displaying them to any visitor on the internet in need of it.
  • It is the host responsibility to keep your website up to speed with zero malfunctionings when it comes to internet access. Confirm this with your internet service provider (ISP) before paying for hosting fees.
  • The domain helps the name by which people on the internet are going to identify your site. You can check with your local internet service providers for the most affordable and convenient pricing round the year.
  • Keep in mind your website utilization needs for maximum gains when paying for whichever package, possibly on offer.
  • There are many hosting providers like available to help you with one-click installation and hosting services at an inexpensive budget in the market.
  • All you need is to know well in advance is your domain name. I suggest you choose a domain name that is professional and suiting your organizations or future startup.
  • In most cases, you must have come across their endings like (.com, .org, .net, among others). But check your domain name with your host on the most conveniently acceptable and secure name, unique to your needs.
  • Your domain name should be a great brand, easy to remember but also importantly gets one’s attention quickly.


I hope now you understand why you don’t need to pay a lot for web design. It is a simple process, with some learning to do as you pick up into crafting one of your own.

Open up into the web world and make the most of the experience with endless limits. You can create your business brand today.

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