WpBakery VS Elementor

WPBakery vs Elementor — Best WordPress Page Builder (Compared)


WPBakery Page Builder versus Elementor is an interesting comparison because two-page builders make it with very different business positions.

To users without coding expertise, modern page builders available on WordPress make life simpler. You have an elegant design, and you have to drag and drop the elements to create your posts and pages layout.

WPBakery vs. Elementor — Best WordPress Page Builder:

It would help if you typically spent a bit of time using your selection page builder. This means that you’ll want to pick a page builder that is intuitive and enjoyable to use.

Considering all this, today, we have chosen to use WPBakery and Elementor to compare two very well-known and popular page builder plugins. So we hope it will benefit you when your debut WP website of some sort is about to start. Let’s begin, then.

What is WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor?

WPBakery Page Builder is among the most extensively featured builder of drag and drops pages and one of WordPress’ most popular plugins ever. Create an interface with an elegant drag and drop building tool – no programming skills necessary.

WPBakery Page Builder
WPBakery Page Builder

Elementor is among the most popular online builders of WordPress sites. It’s a simple drag and drop editor, which lets you create a website quickly.


Functionality: What is better to work for page builders?

Elementor has undergone several vast improvements since our Elementor vs. Divi Builder comparison. Elementor provides online editing in particular now. In contrast, Elementor usually only provides a smooth, smooth front-end editing experience. Briefly, here are how elements are applied and the text edited (more on style elements a little bit):

Elementor interface
Elementor interface

WPBakery Page Builder helps you to choose between two separate views while Elementor provides an exclusive user experience:

  • Edit the background – you build your page with abstract “lines.”
  • Editing front – you create your page (like Elementor) with a live view preview.

Many people are only going to use the font editor. Nonetheless, backend editing also works best if you choose to look at the website more abstractly.


WP bakery interface
WP bakery interface

Pricing options- WPBakery VS Elementor:

Elementor is indeed a free page builder that helps you update anything at the front end and have immediate feedback. You can see the live look of your modifications on your site. The WPBakery Pro edition has many varieties of payment options. Like 49 dollars for One site, 99 dollars for three sites, and 199 dollars for limitless pages is also available.

WPBakery is a professional plugin that helps you to take complete charge of your platform and create your desired interface without efforts. WPBakery is now available for $45, but for any Premium WordPress theme you buy for your website, you can get it for free. This page builder has integrated into most of the ready-made WordPress layouts.

Library of templates:

There is a vast collection of concept models, which both WPBakery and Elementor website builders can use to create your website.

You can navigate a library of more than 85 previously built themes by pressing the Template Add button in the WPBakery building page interface. By the way, there you can add your design templates and store them for subsequent use.

Elementor Templates
Elementor Templates

Clicking the Add Template button in Elementor will allow you to pick the template for virtually every company or personal website. You can access a catalog of 120 plus ready-made templates as well. You will save models and reuse them here as well.

WpBakery Template
WpBakery Templates

Only try yourself to develop both sites and figure out which one is better for you to use and which features you have to build your website.

WPBakery Page Builder versus Elementor: which one is the best selection?

Elements are about whom you build your pages, and the layout buildup you select will provide you with the components required for your designs.
You will also know what features you are looking for and the total number of available components. For example, if you still lack any essential elements, 200 plus elements don’t matter.
In its Pro version, Elementor currently offers 53 features. Additional items can also have added with Elementor addons. The complete list below is available:

Elementor Element
Elementor Elements

A similar 50 plus elements have given in WPBakery page builder’s core:

WpBakery Elements
WpBakery Elements

Besides these features, there is also a vast collection of WPBakery Page Builder addons that give you access, more significant than Elementor’s addon list, to over 200 additional items. Even with a particular plugin, you can build your addon.

Lock in Features:

Lock-in refers to what happens unless the website creator feature has been disabled. This should have taken seriously because it impacts the ability to maintain the layout on the platform should you do remove a plugin. Because the page builder is deactivated, you will miss the advanced theme provided by the page builder. Moreover, page builders uninstall this theme in two ways:

  • Gratefully, leave clean technology behind.
  • Never too gracefully, even behind a mess of short codes.

You lose your style when Elementor is disabled, but your content is still “natural.” For example, after disabling Elementor, here is what the source code looks like.

Elementor Lock In
Elementor Lock In

When you disable WPBakery Page Builder, however, that’s what you’re about:

WpBakery Lock In
WpBakery Lock In


So, these above are the comparison between WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor. In our blogs, when you hopefully find a winner, we never declare a winner because we encourage you to consider all benefits and disadvantages and select the best answer for yourself, taking your considerations into account. For a few factors, I suggest Elementor:

  • I agree that the interface is much smoother and less lagging, which in turn saves considerable time.
  • The style choices of Elementor are more intuitive. However, inline editing allows you to personalize the text quicker than the popup process for WPBakery Page Builder.
  • I am a big fan of the rapidity of new features and enhancements that the Elementor design team is carrying out.
  • The Elementor addon group, a third party, always makes plenty of fun items that unlock even more doors.
  1. https://wpbakery.com/
  2. https://elementor.com/


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