10 Reasons to Choose Genesis Theme Framework by StudioPress

10 Reasons to Choose Genesis Theme Framework by StudioPress


If you are familiar with WordPress, you can agree with me that so many people use Genesis framework. Why? This is because Genesis makes WordPress sites secure, extensible and easy to update. Here is a;

List of ten reasons to choose Genesis Theme Framework

1. Wide Variety of Theme Options

The Genesis theme offers a wide variety of themes to choose from. These are already predesigned themes that you can utilize for your site.

It is built on HTML5 code that makes sure that your site will be compatible with future updates and changes.

The Genesis Theme designs are also unique and appealing. Another benefit of HTML5 is better is faster loading of pages and better videos and pictures.

It is also compatible with a wide number of browsers including being mobile friendly.

Having a wide variety of themes to choose from is great because it enables you to be dynamic.

When you use this theme, your subscribers and visitors to your site will always expect to find new things.

Staying up to date on the latest themes enables you to be more visible and appealing to your online client base.

2. Availability of Customizable Themes

With this theme, you can be able to quickly customize your site. It has been designed with what is known as a Child theme.


This means that even when you customize your site, you are still able to revert to your original design anytime.

What is great is that you can make all these changes without losing any content or keywords.

The various features that you can customize include the widgets, the layout, the colors, and even the site header.

This theme also allows you to add forms and has extensive social sharing platforms that you can choose from.

Flexibility and uniqueness are key especially when you are trying to stand out from your competitor.

A client can choose to utilize your services instead of those of a competitor simply because they like to use your site which they view as unique.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This WordPress theme is already incorporated into an SEO tool. You, therefore, do not need to install other tools. With this theme, you will find that your site will be search engine optimized.

This is because it supports schema.org which enables the exporting of microdata from your site.

The SEO tool ensures that your Meta descriptions and keywords are relevant and have been optimally utilized in your content.

4. User -Friendliness

It is considered easy to use and learn. You are also able to update your site and maintain the customizations.

Updating is by the click of a button and you can also set the site to automatically be updating.

Hence, you do not require professional help and you can do almost everything by yourself.

This is expected from Child Theme which may require you to have a little bit of background knowledge on coding and CSS.

Research has proven that the concentration span of a person surfing online is limited to even seconds.

Therefore if your site is not user-friendly, a client can easily get distracted and opt to shift to another site.

It is therefore very important to ensure your site is easy to use and this theme by StudioPress offers just that

5. Mobile Friendliness

Technology today requires everything to be at the tip of your fingers. Websites that are not available on mobile devices are missing out on a large number of potential clients.

This theme enables you to do just that. It is mobile friendly while maintaining great quality.

All the features that are available to a client using a laptop, desktop computer or tablet are also available to a mobile user.

6. Custom Page Templates

This theme enables you to have an endless selection of page templates. You can also alter your templates as you wish without needing to code anything.

In case you get stuck, this theme also has a number of tutorials that show you how to customize your site. This is customer service and quality service at its peak.

7. Security

Since Genesis Theme Framework is constantly updated, you can be assured of security. The theme is regularly updated with new firewalls and security features.

This means you do not have to worry about hackers and your site and its content are safe.

8. Optimized for Speed

We know hoe speed is important in a website. Nobody wants a website that takes time to open. Your website should open in the shortest time possible.

The Genesis Framework is optimized for speed and this is the main reason why many web developers love the theme.

9. Cost Effective

This theme is pocket-friendly. It offers a wide array of features at a considerable price. StudioPress offers a package that is one off. Once this is paid, you will be able to get a membership for a lifetime.

Since the cost is a one-off, you do not need to pay monthly or yearly subscriptions. It offers value for its costs.

It also allows for advertisements and you will be able to generate some income from your site.

All you have to do is to incorporate Clicker or Google AdSense and you can start earning some money from people that visit your site and click on the ads.

10. Compatibility

A great thing about this theme is that it is compatible with a large number of browsers and search engines.

It has also been designed in such a way that it will be compatible with future designs and trends.

Hence, with new innovations and advancements, you do not have to change your theme since this Genesis Theme will be able to easily incorporate any changes.

Final Words

Many users and developers have rated this theme highly. It is easy to use, offers a wide array of features and that is safe and secure. In addition, it is ready for the future.

As technology changes rapidly on a daily basis, it is important for current themes to be compatible with future innovations.

The Genesis Theme by StudioPress offers all that. We highly recommend it as a worthwhile innovation.

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